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These are unique times, take a unique step & start composting with Skid Row Heron Worms & Worm Boxes. It is satisfying, good for you, your family & home & is great for the planet.

Our artisan Worm Boxes are prepped & our Worms are raised in Downtown Los Angeles. Working with Local Community centers, we are promoting purpose & making a small difference.  Learn More>>

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Worms are the engine of our planet. They are the cleanest little guys and perfect at what they do.

Eisenia fetida, aka; the Red Wiggler. They are voracious. They love to eat, breed, poop and pee. However, their poop smells fresh and is the perfect food...for plants.

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These worms will turn your kitchen scraps into the cleanest healthiest, freshest soil (worm castings) round town. Learn more...