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Calathea Ornata | Pinstripe Calathea | Indoor plants

Calathea Ornata | Pinstripe Calathea | Indoor plants

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The Calathea, also called the Peacock Plant, is known for its unmistakably marked leaves. These plants are active at night, when they adjust their leaves up and then back again during the daylight. For vibrant leave we recommend wiping down your Calathea with neem oil for an attractive shine. Even without flowers your Calathea plant is sure to wow and inspire, in any home.

• MAINTENANCE: Low/medium
• WATER: Minimal 1-2 weeks
• LIGHT: Bright but indirect light
• SOIL: Regular potting soil / moist mixture

I guarantee that your plant will be sent out in good and healthy condition. Keep in mind that almost all live plants do become stressed during shipping. I recommended you take your plant out within an hour of arrival and provide an appropriate amount of water and light. It is normal for it to be dry and leaves to be limp, it can take up to 1-2 weeks for your new plant to adjust to its new environment. I’m extremely careful about how I pack plants and choose boxes. I want your plant to get to you safely just as much as you do. I do not offer refunds or exchanges once the plant is shipped. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask!


Made with responsibly farmed redwood locally sourced materials whenever possible and reusing, upcycling where we can

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    If you are unhappy with anything we send you, contact us for easy , no-hassle, returns or exchanges and thanks.