Your Red Wiggler Worm Spot

Red Wigglers are the best composters we know. They work tirelessly scouring organic matter to eat and digest which rest in nutrient-rich "castings" which are VERY beneficial to plants.These castings are referred to as "black gold" the very best form of fertilizer or compost known to plants! - 

Homegrown worms & organic  produce

Eisenia fetida (older spelling: foetida),  is a species of earthworm adapted to decaying organic material. These worms thrive in rotting vegetation and  compost

Worms are decomposers with the ability to turn trash into treasure. The process is called vermicomposting, and it isnt a complicated affair, nor does it cost a lot. 

Kids friendly & great for enire family

Safe & fun for the entire family make the worm farm a teachable moment - it's good for you, your kids, your household, the planet and between the ears 

Safe & fun for the entire family. Vermiculture teaches science, nutrition, environmental stewardship and responsibility

Soil Health Year Round 

Compost all year long indoors or out, on your balcony in a closet on the porch or in the yard!

Soil Health is not just for Spring. Just ask your house plants ;) Turn your kitchen scraps into plant food all year long and your soil health rocking your plants friends are sure to thrive in return