Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rethink your Waste

We are using compost bins and worms to help divert trash from landfills and convert that waste into a useful resource. Downtown Los Angeles, its businesses, are in a unique position to promote healthy & active living in our community please contact us to visit our "shop" open with appointment here in the heart of DTLA because you know covid thanks!

Our Handmade Compost & Worm Bins

Celebrating Downtown Los Angeles and the unique times we live in start composting with Worms and turn your kitchen scraps to "black gold" going forward

We make our Compost & Worm Bins all by hand. They are designed for indoor & outdoor use because we are promoting the health of the soil around you all year long...

"What is in that Beautiful Wood Box?"

Not going to get tired of answering that question while lifting the lid and revealing your army of composters diligently breaking down your leftover veggies coffee grounds and shredded paper ;)

Turing your "scraps" into the best plant food on the planet is not only one of the most satisfying "garden" experiences you can have indoors, it will immediately make a difference in the life of your garden & plants

Around Town

Find us participating at local markets & find out Worm Bins in Small Businesses scattered around and just outside of LA

We sell our Worm Bins here online, we also stock Bins in a handful of Nurseries & very cool Shops, become one of those if you think your customers will like them

Visit the DTLA Shop in Real Life!!

Nestled neatly in the North-East corner of the Eastern Columbia, rach out here and make an appointment to pick out your own Worms & Worm Bin

Make an appointment to swing by the shop M-F some Saturdays too. We are always around and the worms do not take a break. Come see what were up to in the heart of DTLA